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Buy diamond engagement rings as per your budget and her preference

You are going to engage and making hard effort to pick the best engagement rings for probably presenting to your girl friend on the day of engagement. Before going to pick the ring, it is very important for you to know what kind of engagement ring you want to present and place in her ring finger on the most celebrating day of engagement with your future wife.

Since market is flooded and jam-packed with various kinds of engagement rings, so you have to considered many factors while buying solitaire diamond, three stone diamond and also preset diamond rings because some companies are offering low quality of diamond engagement rings and also charging extra money. Through this article, customer will be taught that various factors create problem for and how you can cope with these factors which may affect buying diamond engagement rings within budget friendly prices and also ensure the complete satisfaction of the customers.

At the time of buying diamond engagement rings and presenting the dame the first and the most important thing you have to be the design of the ring. While buying diamond ring, you have to consider that the designer diamond rings you have bought for her match with the likeness, preference personality of the person for whom you have bought the diamond engagement rings. At the time of buying diamond engagement rings you have also some question while the same question that the ring like have you matched the her likeness.

You have to get knowledge of various facets of diamond because by knowing this, you will be able to make delineation of all the other aspects of the perfect diamond engagement ring that you have bought for your soon to be bride.

If you want to give attractive look to your diamond engagement rings, then you should choose your own diamond wedding bands as well for which you have a great opportunity to personalize the diamond engagement rings in such a way that you can have your own name engraved in the diamond engagement ring, which will be presented to her on the day of engagement.

After selecting of setting, cut and shape of diamond, you have to choose various kinds of metals that you can choose from when you are going to purchase diamond rings. There are various kinds of metals, such as yellow gold, white gold and platinum are, which commonly used while crafting rings. You can choose platinum for your ring. The selection of mutation completely depends on budget but buyer should know that platinum is the most expensive metals and before deciding metal for your engagement rings know your budget and act accordingly.

All About Indian Jewellery

India is known for its art, workmanship and craft. Indian jewellery is famous all over the globe and it is so appealing and admirable that everybody wants to have Indian pieces in their jewellery collection. A diverse range of exquisite designs is available by jewellery industry of India. You can have gold jewellery, stones jewellery, diamond jewellery as well as artificial jewellery. India’s artificial jewellery is also very popular and it is the choice of many unmarried as well as married girls. Gold imitations are easily available from Indian industry that look as beautiful and gorgeous just like real gold jewellery.

Jewellery of Indian industry brings to mind fascinating articles with a traditional touch and timeless beauty and elegance. The beginning of jewellery in India started 100 years ago and in early times Indians used to wear jewellery made of shells and turquoise. Jewellery was deemed to be an investment by the Indian people and the rulers used jewellery to show off their power and prestige. In India different styles are related to different regions like; Delhi is famous for its Kundan jewellery, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh makes filigree silver jewels, Jaipur is famous for meenakari and enamel art, and beautiful silver beads are found in Rajasthan, Gujarat and other areas of India.

Costume and body jewellery of India is also very famous and different materials are used to make intricate designs. Materials used for costume jewels include plastic, glass and metals. Antique jewellery from India is also top rated jewellery. The fancy and inspirational antique jewellery is a unique work of ancient art with trendy styles. Antique jewels can be very expensive due to the history attached to them and people love to buy antique pieces as they are fabulous and unique work of historical art. Wearing antique jewellery is a status symbol also. Antique jewellery traveling through history and time has maintained its beauty, charm and exquisiteness.

Indian jewellery is a rage all over the world. The traditional and classical jewellery of India is known as Temple jewellery. Temple jewellery usually consists of red and green stones studded in handcrafted gold ornaments. These items of temple jewellery are very expensive due to the complicated hand work done by the craftsmen. Temple jewellery is associated with the dancers. Meenakari jewellery, transformation of Shah Jahan’s aesthetic vision to an art, is another famous category of Indian jewels. This jewellery is the jewellery of Mughals and it includes enameling precious gems and stones. Floral designs, animal and plant motifs were used in these types of jewels.

Kundan jewellery of India is so terrific and stunning that there is no match to it. The specialty of Indian jewellery is the beautiful bindis and panjas. You can find new and unique designs of bindis and panjas that are only available in Indian collection. Bindi is an essential item of jewellery for married Indian women. Other jewellery articles like bangles, rings, necklaces, chokers and earrings from India includes dazzling and breathtaking designs which are beautifully crafted by the Indian craftsmen.

High-Fashion Jewelry for Teens

Teens are Fashionistas by heart and it is important for parents to remember that there is stiff competition in school regarding this. At this age, all teenagers get more conscious about their appearance and how other people look at them. So image is very important if they want to blend in with the rest of the crowd.

The fashion conscious teens are very conscious about the latest fashion trends and this includes jewelry. Unfortunately, not many teens can afford high-fashion jewelry, but then again, there are a lot of affordable jewelry which look high fashion without having to deal with the prices.

Teens usually look to the film and television stars for guidance when it comes to clothes and accessories. Their heads disappear in the pages of teen magazines, poring over the clothes and jewelry that their favourite stars use. They also make sure to listen to and watch the entertainment shows where affordable fashion can be the alternative to the expensive and high-end versions worn by the stars.

Teens like bracelets for example, so one thing that can be done is to use chunky and charming bracelets which are available everywhere. They could just be fashion jewelry, but if they were worn with the right clothes, these chunky bracelets can become the best accessory worn by the teenager.

Then there are the necklaces. The teens need to be comfortable so they usually wear simple tops. But these tops can be enhanced by using chunky necklaces which are the fashion trend today. However, it is also important for the teen to understand that not everyone can wear chunky jewelry, so they have to try it out first and then assess if it improves their look. If not, then they can shift to beautifully crafted bead necklaces which are also very popular today.

Earrings come in all shapes and sizes so the teen can choose their wild. Just make sure that the colors and style look good on the teen, rather than the teen looking like they are wearing something which makes them look ridiculous. The trend now is to wear long earrings, but there are a lot who don’t look good in that style, so choose from the different varieties of style and form like bling earrings, or painted earrings, or even the simple and streamlined danglers.

There are so many high-fashion jewelry to choose from out there and they are not all expensive. Given the right choices in form, shape and color, even simple bead jewelry can become a high fashion statement.

The author is an experienced entrepreneur in the fashion industry and has worked for many high fashion jewelery websites like sieraden online . Also he has contributed posts on Kettingen and other jewellery items.

Diamond rings, a timeless beauty

Silver, as a precious metal, has long been considered second only to gold. Its sheen and malleability has made it popular in the use of utensils, money and jewellery. It has also been used for preservation of foods where people in the early 20th century would put silver coins in pots of milk to prolong its freshness. This ancient metal sees its way into clothing as well to reduce odours, and decrease the risk of bacterial infection. Its other uses can be seen in mirrors, optics, dentistry, photography and electronics.

In jewellery, the silver used is sterling silver, an alloy of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper. As it is malleable, it can be used to create all sorts of intricate designs. Its cheaper price also makes it affordable for many.

Silver necklaces(In Danish sølv halskæder) can best be complicated with pendants and stones. There are many lovely designs you can choose from online too. From movie inspired styles to those made famous by celebrities, your options for silver necklaces are limitless.

Diamond, meanwhile, has remained the stone of choice for jewellery throughout the ages. Prized for its remarkable optical quality, hardness and ability to withstand corrosive elements, it has continued to remain the most popular gem, especially for rings.

Seductive, speaking of wealth and status, diamond rings(In Danish diamantringe) have been immortalized through film and song. The Hollywood film ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ starring sex symbol Marilyn Monroe crooning the hit number ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’, has only added to its allure.

To add to its attraction, diamond rings can be chosen from five primary cuts, giving admirers a range to choose from. They include the ‘princess cut’, the ‘marquise cut’, the ‘round cut’, the ‘pear cut’ and the ‘oval cut’.

However, inspite of its appeal, this precious mineral has recently acquired some negative publicity. With reports of many being mined in conflict zones to finance insurgencies, there is much debate on their legitimacy. People have now been urged only to purchase diamonds with a Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), to distinguish them from conflict diamonds and help stop the trade of such ‘blood’ stones.

However, no matter the controversy, diamond rings will no doubt continue to fascinate mankind for their simplistic beauty and future rarity. An object loved since antiquity is unlikely to be unloved any time soon.

Do you want to know more about diamond rings(In Danish diamantringe) or Silver necklaces(In Danish sølv halskæder) visit this sites.

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How to Keep Your Jewelry Safe and Shiny

It is rare to find a woman or a man who does not have a jewelry box for these are the most obvious and practical place to store the jewelry they own. Jewelry boxes are those treasured items which are lined with velvet and keeps the jewelry safe from the element.

The question of safety and jewelry really depends on the type of jewelry owned. Many who own costume jewelry alone do not bother to use highly secured boxes for these are most likely made out of simple materials. However, if the jewelry in question is fine jewelry involving the use of precious gems, stones and metals, then the need to up the security is crucial to the safety of the pieces.

Many people may have their own safes in their homes which location they should never divulge to others. The safes are used to store in all of the important documents and items of the homeowner, however, these should only be used to store those items which are not that expensive.

For those who own very expensive jewelry which prices reach the hundreds of thousands of dollars per piece, then they should think about safety deposit boxes like those provided for in banks. These are the most secure of places to keep the jewelry safe, despite the fact that Hollywood movies make them very easy to break into, which they are not.

As to the question of keeping the jewelry shiny, now that is another topic altogether. If you have jewelry it is important to make sure that the box they are kept in is clean and lined with velvet and they go in clean as well. Do not just drop your jewelry on bare wood or glass for jewelry made from pearls, for example, have soft surfaces so they can get scratched. Wipe the jewelry clean before replacing in the box.

It is also important to clean the jewelry at least once or twice a year. But you should know how to clean and what to use for cleaning. Take for example gold, you do not just use metal polish on it, or even use toothpaste to clean diamonds set on gold. Only use warm, soapy water and the soap used should be the mild soap like glycerine soap. The softer the soap, the less abrasive it is on the jewelry. After brushing the item with soft bristle brush, rinse off very well until all soap residue are removed and then polish with soft cloth. Leave to dry for a few minutes before replacing in the box.

Note: separate the pearls from jewelry set in metal for they could damage the surface of the pearl.

The author is a big time jewellery fan and always makes an effort to provide the readers with a refreshing experience every time they read the posts. This time he has got inspired from sieraden and Oorbellen for keeping your jewelry safe and shiny all the time.

How to Make Fabric Bridal Bouquets

Make a bouquet that you can treasure forever.
Though many brides choose to fill their wedding venues with countless floral arrangements, others recognize the environmental impact of cutting so many flowers for a single day’s decorations. Therefore, handcrafting fabric bouquets has recently come to light as a valid bouquet option. When selecting your fabric, you may either wish to use a shade that matches your wedding gown or a bold hue that coordinates with your wedding’s colors. Additionally, don’t feel as though flowers are the only option. With fabric bouquets, you can add a bit of glamour with some feathers or by adding vintage brooches to the arrangement.


  1. Create a two-dimensional flower template. The template should be the size of the largest flower you want to include in your bouquet. It can have between five and eight petals. If you are unhappy with your designs, see Resources for an example template. If you want to create a flower with different layers of petals, such as peonies, cut out two gradually smaller versions of your template.
  2. Pin your template to the fabric and cut out the shapes required by your blossoms. Cut out as many as you feel your fabric flowers require. Small flowers, for example, only need about five layers. Large blooms, however, can use as many as 16.
  3. Stack the flower’s petals on top of one another, keeping the layers slightly uneven. This will add texture to the final product. You can add additional texture to your flowers by mixing different fabrics within each bloom.
  4. Place a pearl bead in the center of the stack and sew it in place from the bottom with five stitches. If your flower’s petals are all different sizes, pinch the base of the flower and continue sewing beneath the pearl bead so that the petals pucker. If your flower’s layers are all the same size, fold the stack of flowers in half and then in half again. It should now be a quarter of its original size. Sew the edge made up of the two folded edges together, finishing the seam with a knot halfway up the side.
  5. Unfold the flower and adjust the petals to your liking.
  6. Cut the floral wire into 14-inch strands and trim the edges off at an angle to make them sharp. Push an end through the base of each blossom and pull the wire through until the blossom is in the middle.
  7. Fold the wires down and twist the lengths until the flower’s stem is stable. Gather the fabric bouquet together and wrap a satin ribbon around the wires to cover them. Cover the base as well, as the wires’ edges can snag on things around them. Tie the ribbon off at the base of the bouquet to complete the look.

Clothing and Jewelry for all, with Amazing Numbers to Choose From

Clothing for anyone, be it men or women and even the kids of today needs to be stylish, in trend and fashionable moreover. Today a plethora of collection for clothes of both men and women are available, as a vast endless variety virtually to help everyone find something that offers them the best fit, comfort wear and a great look altogether.

With many new online stores here to offer the latest in fashion in virtually every budget from the leading brands and designers on the planet and that too with a feature of online shopping, shopping for clothes or any such thing has transformed into a very easy and simple task. Finding the perfect clothing and matching accessory for any occasion and to complement your look anytime in life can now be accomplished with just few simple clicks of the mouse.

Today manufacturers are adding new designs, colors, patterns to their clothes and jewelry collection to help all enjoy affordability and an unrestricted shopping experience moreover. Available in an endless and not just limited variety finding clothes and the accessory in that unique, creative form can now be accomplished very easily on the World Wide Web through an affair called online shopping.

The clothes and jewelry industry has surfaced as the most promising and vibrant business and offers a great podium for all fashionistas to grab the latest and greatest in fashion with ease, convenience and comfort that is top-notched and can be undertaken sitting at one’s home.

Offering a great platform to all the designers and creators display their talent, which is visible to almost any and every customer, today shopping for clothes and jewelry has brought to existence an affair called ’easy, hassle-free and affordable shopping’ through the internet. So, from traditional to the most classic, from designer to contemporary, from expensive to budget-friendly its out all there in the market, just be careful and research profoundly to know your choices.

Shopping forcolthing and jewelry has always remained a hobby among women, but today men are getting lured to this activity too for the endless number of choices they can get to choose from being the most responsible factor.

Finding pieces of handmade and handcrafted jewellery for your wedding

Women can take months preparing for the biggest day of their life which is their wedding day. When choosing their outfit it is all about the dress and the accessories that will be worn with it. Hours and many tears can be spent looking for that perfect dress so you will need the perfect piece of handmade jewellery to add the finishing touch. This could be a pair of earrings, a necklace, a bracelet or a matching jewellery set that includes all or any of these pieces.

So where do we start when we are looking for these handcrafted jewellery designs and how do we make sure that we make the right choice? Generally the bride will start with choosing her wedding dress and the accessories will then be chosen to compliment the dress design. A bride will take a lot of time choosing the correct dress to suite her style, personality and her body shape so it goes without saying that the same should be done when she is looking for her pieces of handmade jewellery.

Strapless wedding dresses are very fashionable but it leaves your necklace bare so with this style you would be able to wear both earrings and a necklace as a jewellery set and maybe a bracelet to compliment and finish the look. You need to be looking for a handcrafted jewellery design that will compliment the dress and not draw attention from it. If the dress has many embellishments keep the jewellery design simple and if the dress is simple then you could have a more intricate and elaborate design. If your dress has a high necklace line then a pair of stud earrings and a bracelet will be all you are looking for and if you have a v shaped necklace line a simple pendant and drop earrings will look beautiful.

When you have decided on the style of your handmade jewellery you have to make the choice as to the materials you would like the pieces making from. Traditionally we think about wedding jewellery being crafted from pearls and crystals and there is a reason for this. Pearls and crystal are neutral in colour and this means that they will compliment any colour of dress and also because these materials are very feminine. A wedding is a very traditional occasion and many of the things that we do or wear are traditional on that day. If your dress has embellishments of beads then you can include these in your handcrafted jewellery designs. Ask you dress maker if she can give you a sample of the materials and beads used in the making of your dress so you can pass these on to your jewellery designer to help with the design of your handmade jewellery.

When you sit with your jewellery designer to design your handcrafted jewellery take their advice as to the designs and style but remember that this is your special day so have your own input into the design. You want it to compliment your dress but you also want it to reflect your own personality and style. If you have a theme with your wedding you may be able to incorporate this in the designs or you could have some beads or an old piece of jewellery that has sentimental value that could be placed somewhere in that handmade jewellery design.

Your pieces of jewellery does not have to be a pair of earrings, a necklace or earring you could choose to wear a tiara of hair combs that have been decorated with beautiful beads or a hair band. Remember that when it comes to wedding jewellery that less is more, it is very easy to purchase too many piece of jewellery when you see the beautiful designs, when going to choose the pieces take a friend with you that will give you honest advice.

If you are looking for a piece of handmade jewellery to compliment your wedding dress you have to take many things into consideration. The style, the colour and the embellishments as you want your handcrafted jewellery design to compliment the dress and not to draw attention away from it.

Types of handmade and handcrafted jewellery made from semi-precious stones

Today when we hear the term handmade jewellery or handcrafted jewellery what is brought to mind is the beaded type of jewellery which is crafted from semi-precious gemstones that a through hole and is strung on wire. Jewellery where a flat backed or cabochons stone is set in the design is not usually referred to as handmade or handcrafted.

When it comes to making handmade jewellery there are two main styles of semi-precious stones. One is the larger stones that you will find have been cut and polished and cut into many shapes like rounds, rectangles, cubes, oval, teardrop, and rice and twisted. You will find these in smooth polished and some that have a faceted cut and come in a range of semi-precious stones like Rose Quartz, Amazonite, Tigers Eye, Turquoise, Onyx and many more. The size of these semi-precious beads usual vary in size from 4mm to 20mm and these beads are usually used in pieces of handcrafted jewellery that are chunkier in designs and sometimes used in combination with other materials. They make beautiful necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

The other sorts of beads that we will find are finer and usually faceted and some of the beads that are created from these semi-precious gemstones are called rondels, briolette and small round. These stones are much smaller and because they have a faceted fine cut they will reflect the light so they are placed in pieces of handmade jewellery to add some sparkle and shine. These beads are usually around 2mm to 7mm in size so are ideal for finer and more delicate pieces of handcrafted jewellery. These semi-precious gemstones may be added to designs that have been created from smooth polished stones as a contrast and design detail. This type of bead can be found in most of the semi-precious gemstones and these are used to make some unique and original designs. These stones look stunning set together in clusters in earrings, pendants and rings reflecting the light to create a sparkling piece of handmade jewellery.

After you have chosen the type of semi-precious gemstone you would like to create your piece of unique handcrafted jewellery you can start creating your unique design. If the look you want to achieve is chunky and bold then the larger beads are the ones that you will need, you can use these on their own or you can compliment them with other stones and beads. If the look you want is finer and more delicate then the smaller beads are the ones to choose and as with the larger beads you will be able to mix these with other stones. Freshwater pearls work perfectly with these small faceted beads.

If you are want to make a piece of handcrafted jewellery that is big and bold there are some semi-precious stones you can source in large slabs. Many of the Agates are available like this and can be quite beautiful when polished and come in some bright colours. Polished slabs can be set on a clasp and hung from a chain making a plain and simple pendant that will be a real show stopper. Many of the different types of Jaspers come in larger pieces and when polished and cut can be made into beautiful pendants in many shapes both smooth polished and carved and these make great focal points for many handmade jewellery designs. These can be placed in the centre of a unique necklace designs and then framed with smaller beads either of the same stone or a mix that will compliment the main focal point stone.

The type of handcrafted jewellery you can create from semi-precious gemstones beads of any size is only limited by your imagination and you are able to create earrings, bracelets, necklaces, jewellery sets, pendants and rings.

The range of beautiful handcrafted jewellery that you can create is endless. With Rose Quartz, Turquoise, Tigers Eye and more semi-precious beads you can make handmade jewellery in unique and original designs. You will find that jewellery handcrafted from semi-precious stones are both stylish and elegant.

Indian Fashion designers’ clothes contribution in fashion Industry

Indian couture has evolved in the recent years due to increasing ambit of Indian fashion designers clothes. Indian fashion designers have displayed impressive collections of their ethnic wear at international events and made them huge hit as well. These clothes are loved for the boldness in their patterns blending with traditional workmanship of India. They showcase the effervescence of Indian traditions and charm of Indian dresses that include sarees, salwar kameez, lehengas, and kurtis. Over the years, fashionistas around the world have shown keen interest in these Indian fashion designers clothes and included them in their classy wardrobes as well. In fact, this global recognition has accelerated Indian fashion designers clothes online shopping due to their easy availability on internet.

Leading Indian fashion designers have made significant contributions to Indian couture with their exclusive creations. Let us delve into the work of some of these designers:

Manish Malhotra:

Your Indian fashion designers clothes online shopping will never be accomplished without having a look at his flamboyant collection of lehengas, sarees, and Anarkalis. Manish Malhotra is a leading designer who is attributed with transformation of on screen looks of Indian actresses with dresses that exude glamour, style, and affluence of traditional Indian clothing.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee:

Among the top Indian fashion designers, Sabyasachi has a distinct position due to his relentless efforts of reviving Indian sarees. With traditional hand works, block printing, bandhej, and gota patti work, he has created stunning range of sarees for celebrities as well as other fashion savvy women across the world.

Ritu Kumar:

As veteran Indian fashion designer, Ritu Kumar has created landmarks in the niche of Indian ethnic wear through revival of certain regional handicrafts. Her work speaks volume about her innate sense of ethnicity combined with perfect style. She is admired for her stupendous collection of elegant sarees, kurtis, salwar kameez, and lehengas for the who’s who of Indian fashion industry.

Ritu Beru:

Ritu Beri is a name to reckon with in international fashion arena. The collection of Indian fashion designers clothes has gained better acceptability around the world due to her popularity as a versatile designer who is able to play with colors, gathers, layers, and rich motifs in clothes to create magic. Your search for beautiful Indian fashion designers clothes will always take you to the enchanting collection from this celebrated designer.

Masaba Gupta:

She is young and dynamic among the leading Indian fashion designers. Her collection reflects perfect youthfulness with quirky prints and rich fabrics as well as extensive use of black color in them. She highlights traditional patterns in her contemporary clothes and uses ethnic fabrics like silk and Chanderi to make them more stylish in looks.

Manish Arora:

In his fashion career, Manish Arora has earned kudos for his skillful designing. Bold patterns in golden color with bright motifs and rich use of zari work on fine fabrics are the forte of this talented couturier from India. His designs have taken Indian traditional fabrics, ethnic motifs, and vibrancy of colors in Indian costumes to global platform. They perfectly balance the ethnicity with style to stun everyone with his apt creativity.


He is one of the Indian fashion designers who are acknowledged for creating subtle designs in Indian ethnic wear generally known for the flamboyance and heavy embellishments. The abstract designs and smooth flow of fine fabrics in his clothes are visual treat. Vivid colors, bold designs, and slight embellishments are the highlights of this Indian fashion designer clothes. He craft fully merges western cuts with traditional Indian dresses to enrich your experience of Indian fashion designer clothes online shopping.

How To Clean Diamond Jewelry

Necklaces or maybe ornaments for instance charms; earrings as well as ear-rings enhance one’s splendor as well as elegance. Nevertheless anyone wants amazing necklaces, however it truly is mainly the particular women exactly who adore it. However, any time will come bankruptcy lawyer lass Vegas stunning piece of necklaces may perhaps shed it are before sparkle! Following donning for some nights, the particular piece of shiny as well as shimmering necklaces may perhaps shed its elegance as well as rubber stamps. Does one want to realize the reason why this occurs? That is because dirt, dirt as well as the body ointments those individuals utilize. Jewelers generally aid all of us to clean necklaces meticulously on daily basis. A great clean-up are able to turn any unexciting piece of necklaces right captivating as well as eye-catching one particular. Clean-up Necklaces Ahead of clean-up ones necklaces, one should make sure of particular items, including the gems should be installed effectively. Ensure that increasing as well as each of the clasps, prongs, and so forth. That batten the particular patch together usually are tight adequate to clean. Currently, the particular issue involves the brain will be the best way to thoroughly clean the particular necklaces?

For you to answer this, without a doubt that we now have other ways of cleanup necklaces. Necklaces may be cleaned out at home way too. Tips for clean-up silver necklaces: A sheet of silver necklaces including ear-rings, little finger bands or maybe charms should always possibly be cleaned out together with smooth natural cotton or maybe bamboo textile. Some sort of silver clean-up textile may help in quick clean-up ones silver necklaces, as it provides anti-tarnish substances. Some sort of easy toothbrush enables you to thoroughly clean the particular intricate scrollwork from the necklaces. A combination of small amount of water cleaning soap or maybe soap in trouble may employ to thoroughly clean dirt. Wash it out the particular piece of necklaces in trouble, wipe with a textile as well as allow it to needlessly dry out. For those who have applied any toothbrush after that rinse gently as well as rinse off it.

Start using a silver drop (liquid cleaner) or maybe preparing soft drinks composite to get rid of tarnish. However, it is advisable to avoid applying silver drop in clean-up gemstone, because gems could get harmed on account of element responses. Tips for clean-up silver necklaces: To scrub any captivating silver necklaces, for instance charms, little finger bands, earrings studded together with lovely gems — soak the particular piece pertaining to 10 to help 15 minutes in very hot soapy normal water. To bring the particular twinkle to ones diamonds, you should know the best way to thoroughly clean the particular parts. Here are some techniques for clean-up ones diamonds: Saturate ones precious stone earring, pendant, and so forth. In an answer of trouble as well as ammonia or maybe gentle cleaning soap. Currently rinse gently with an easy toothbrush. Some sort of toothpick may perhaps allow you to get hard-to-reach parts. Allow it to dry out on the thoroughly clean textile or maybe tissue papers.

Best Indian Jewelers and Indian Silver Jewelry

For centuries sterling silver has inspired men and women by its explicit charm. Worn with or without semi precious stones, sterling silver has been known for its magnificent looks and luster! Sterling silver is known for its:

• Uniqueness

• Durability

• Style Manifestations

• Affordability

Welcome to Shankar Silvex the wholesale online store for importers and wholesalers of sterling 925 silver jewelry. this site facilitates to see online stocks and purchase stocks of Sterling Indian Silver Jewelry online.

We are Manufacturers, Exporters and Wholesale Suppliers of Indian Sterling Silver Jewelry with or without Semi Precious Stones like earrings, rings, pendant, necklaces, bracelets, Anklets, Beads Jewelry & Fine Antique Jewelry, beaded jewelry, costume jewelry, Fashion Jewelry in all designs .

Specialized in manufacturing, exporting and supplying designer earrings, rings, pendant, necklaces, bracelets and anklets across the globe since 1992; Shankar Silvex brings you the best quality sterling silver jewellery that stands through the test of time! Our silver jewellery collection owns a wide range of precious and semi precious gemstones, colored stones and plain sterling silver incarnated into fine pendants, bracelets, earrings, antique anklets, bangles, rings and necklaces.

We specialize in 925 sterling silver jewelry india, amber jewelry, silver cross jewellery, Hawaiian jewellery, Montana silver jewellery, opal jewellery and silver jewelry catalog.

Available at very affordable prices, sterling silver jewellery by Shankar Silvex has unique designs that go with the trends and fashion statements worldwide. We export sterling silver jewellery to over 30 different countries. Our customer base spreads across the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Germany, Canada, Thailand, Bangkok, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Nepal and China. We also extend our supplies to big departmental chain stores in Germany, Norway, France, the United States and Japan. As of now our focus markets include: Germany, France, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Middle East, Far East and Europe.

Our creative designers and skilled craftsmen formulate quality new designs and styles through modern techniques that help us deliver exquisite silver jewellery at affordable rates! Quality, timely delivery and style are of paramount importance to Shankar Silvex.

Adorned by customers worldwide since decades, Shankar Silvex offers majestic and sleek silver and gold jewellery, beads and gemstones jewellery, semi-precious stones, costume and fashion jewellery.

It’s valuable. Surprisingly affordable, sterling silver is still genuine precious metal.

It’s fashionable. Sterling silver jewelry styles range from sophisticated to trendy.

It’s flexible. Sterling silver jewelry has an uncanny ability to adapt with fashion.

It’s durable. 925 gemstone silver jewelry stands the test of time.

Simulated Diamonds Are the Symbol of True Love

If you are thinking of popping the question to your special lady, you must be on the hunt for the perfect engagement ring. Needless to say, it is tradition to present the lady with a diamond in order to ask for her hand. With diamonds being so expensive, you may want to consider an alternative, such as a diamond simulant, with a range of benefits that go far beyond the price tag.

Let’s take a brief look at the pros and cons. Mined diamonds are very expensive and get even more expensive if you look into larger sizes and higher clarity grades. Of course, if you are to consider something exotic such as a pink diamond, it will be a definite bank breaker. Additionally, it is not always easy to ignore the tainted origins of every single natural diamond in the market. Being such a sought after gemstone, the extraction process often leaves the environment in tatters and created difficult employment conditions for those who are involved at the labor level.

If you are looking for something cleaner, why not consider a beautiful engagement ring adorned with a lab diamond? Lab grown diamonds are, as the name states, created in laboratories with carefully controlled conditions. Therefore, they are not nearly as expensive as natural diamonds despite being the exact same thing. With people trying to move away from cruelty to the environment, animals and their fellow man, lab diamond rings represent love in a much more conflict-free manner. There are several well-known brands of lab grown diamonds and buyers are offered with a great selection of different stones and ring designs to choose from.

DymondIX stones, created by Quorri are one of the best options for someone on the lookout for the perfect engagement rock. This company specializes in the creation of synthetic diamond rings and offers a truly remarkable range of items to choose from. The stones are, of course, the main focus of most pieces. Created with a special formula that is comprised of white crystalline oxide and other elements, the DymondIX stones surpass most other manufacturers’ creations. The stones are chosen for jewelry making via a strict inspection process that only picks the most flawless stones. Enhanced with an initial light reflecting coating and an ultra-pure 99% diamond coating for strength, DymondIX stones come with a lifetime guarantee that ensures peace of mind.

Of course, you have to consider the design of the ring if you are to sweep your lady of her feet. Quorri offers a wide selection of engagement rings and wedding bands for men and women. Whether you are on the lookout for a simple piece with a single stone or something elaborate, adorned with many stones Quorri is well equipped to offer you just what you need. The rings are designed with timeless elegance in mind and are hand crafted to create flawless perfection to complement the stones.

A diamond represents eternity, strength and flawless beauty and is ideally suited to become a symbol of everlasting love.

Costume Jewellery – Everlasting Beauty

Costume Jewelry is forever. It transcends time and age. Right from creating jewellery items out of flowers and pebbles, to adopting metals like gold and silver for longevity, jewellery has always been popular. While some designs are more suitable to a particular time, there are others have seemed to be just as magnetic thousands of years after they were designed. A few so called evergreen designs, continue to form a part of almost all jewelry stores, all over the globe.

Be in Helen of Troy or Cleopatra or for that matter the more contemporary Madonna, women have always adorned jewellery to enhance their look. While women are often associated with jewellery, this is not to say the men are far behind. Right from bracelets, rings to neck pieces; jewellery is loved by men and women alike. The magnetism of a finely crafted jewellery piece is unequalled by any other accessory and the fact that it can be easily handed down through generations adds to its charm.

The magnetism of well crafted jewellery makes it highly desired. No other accessory is as impactful as jewellery that combines fine quality and good workmanship. While platinum and gold jewellery has been rather popular especially on the red carpet, lately we find that costume jewelry is not far behind. Nevertheless what is it about jewellery that makes is so much more desired and valued as opposed to other accessory items.

The fact that jewellery is seen as an investment over and above being just an accessory is one of the main reasons for its popularity. Unlike other accessories such as bags, shoes and watches that loose value over time, jewellery is seen as an investment that will rise in value over the years and can be easily converted, if need be, into liquid cash.

Of course gold is seen as much more of an investment as opposed to silver jewelry but fine silver jewelry has indeed carved a niche for itself over the last few years. The affordability of fine silver jewellery is highly luring for buyers, though gold jewellery still rules the international market due to its better resale value. However, be it gold or silver jewellery, its charm lies in the flawless execution of its designs.

Be it contemporary designs or those inspired from the age old Scottish era, the trick to identify costume jewelry is, understanding the perfect blend of aesthetic designs and authentic metals. One without the other cannot be classified as good jewellery. Fake jewellery pieces not only rob your pocket but, could also damage your skin over time. So, when looking to buy platinum, gold or sterling silver jewelry, keep in mind that the metal must be of pure content. One must ensure that the jewellery being bought is authentic over and above being appealed too. Therefore, it is recommended that the purchase be made from a dependable source and a certificate of authentication be got too.

Indeed, it is true that costume jewelry has much more than just cosmetic advantages, though having all eyes on your when you enter a party is definitely a great attraction when setting off to buy an adornment.

Hip Hop Diamond Watches: Always Flaunts The Hearts Of Both Men And Women

Hip hop diamond items such as rings, watches, bracelets, earrings and most importantly pendants have always been about making a statement, that too, quite graciously. The new era of Hip Hop jewelry was started in 1970s. Over the years, this jewelry  has been innovative and interesting. Timepieces are the most important part of the collection. Hip Hop Diamond Watches or rings allow the shine to be stronger and bestow a strong sense of power. Each and every watches are designed differently and uniquely to fascinate the heart of both men and women. However, there are multiple items available in every category, so there is no chance to miss out on any style.

Hip Hop watches, never go out of fashion and they not only just show time, but also yield as the most up-to-date jewelry accessory. Most of the designs are studded with artificial diamonds, making it look glitz and engaging. Their unique blend of rose gold with the artificial diamonds influence everyone. Their demand has always been awesome. As these watches are available in varieties of designs and styles but the selection of these items depends on the individual taste of the wearers.

Though the fashion trends are changing at the blink of the eye, but Hip Hop assessors have been able to sustain its charisma among the modern generation. Hip Hop jewelry is not just limited to watches or bracelets, but one can also find chains and other fashion accessories in the range of Hip Hop jewelry.

These catchy and extravagant items no doubt can serves as a symbol of status for many fashion buffs. Being a matter of prestige and sign of wealth, many find it interesting to wear such jewelry. Even men who do not give any importance to jewelry and other fashion accessories also prefer to wear this.

Pricing of the diamond plated hip hop items are quite affordable. Fashion enthusiasts must love the interesting variations in this variety too. These are also available in silver plating, gold plating and platinum plating with artificial diamonds, pearls, precious stones and crystals, which look merely captivating. You will find many sporting a watch or pendant of the hip hop jewelry. Many also take pleasure in choosing a ring, which looks startling and matches every attair. In summery, over the past decade these items have been in craze among fashionable people.

Hip Hop Diamond Watches are stylish and beautiful. You will discover a range of this online. You can visit online stores Bling Master Watch to view numerous eye catching styles of jewelry.

How to Clean Titanium Jewelry

Titanium is a popular metal for jewelry because it is the hardest metal in the world. In fact, it is stronger than steel, despite its light weight, and is scratch-resistant. However, you must be careful when cleaning titanium jewelry because it will discolor even though it is difficult to mar the jewelry’s surface.


  1. Fill the bowl about halfway with warm, soapy water. You can use as much soap as you want, but do not use an abrasive detergent or a harsh cleaning soap. These can discolor your jewelry and even scratch the surface of the stones.
  2. Wash the titanium jewelry in the warm, soapy water. If you have several pieces, submerge them all, then brush them gently with the soft baby toothbrush to remove any dirt residue and grime. Use circular motions, but do not scrub the jewelry with the brush. Be very gentle. If your titanium jewelry is colored, you should not use the brush; instead, rub it with a soft cloth.
  3. Rinse the jewelry off with warm water. Continue to hold the titanium jewelry over the bowl so that it does not get lost if you accidentally drop it.
  4. Dry the jewelry completely. Wipe the jewelry down with the clean, soft cloth. If you wish, you can allow it to air dry for about 15 minutes after you have dried it off by laying it on top of the clean cloth in a safe place.

How to Clean Stainless-Steel Jewelry

From watches to wedding rings, stainless-steel jewelry has a lot going for it. It’s handsome–it resembles platinum, but it’s much stronger and less expensive. It’s not prone to rust or tarnish, and it’s easy to clean. Here’s how to keep stainless-steel jewelry looking its best.

How to Clean Stainless Steel Jewelry

  1. Keep your stainless-steel jewelry free of dust and dirt. With a soft cloth, gently rub on a little warm, soapy water (dish-washing detergent is fine). Follow the grain of the stainless steel to avoid scratches. Next, apply plain warm water with a cloth, or dip your piece in the water. Gently wipe dry with another soft cloth.
  2. To clean grimier stainless-steel pieces, use a soft cloth to apply toothpaste–again following the grain of the steel. You want plain white toothpaste that doesn’t contain silica. Use a soft toothbrush to reach any etched areas. Afterward, apply plain warm water with a cloth, or dip your piece in the water. You may need to use a clean toothbrush to remove remaining toothpaste. Gently wipe dry with another soft cloth.
  3. Polish your jewelry with a nontoxic stainless steel polish or polishing cloth–both are available in jewelry stores and online (See Resources below). Avoid abrasive cleaners that can scratch the surface.

Traditional Indian Bridal Jewelry

An Indian wedding is not complete without bridal jewelry.
A wedding is a milestone in a woman’s life. This is also true in Indian culture, where adorning the bride in jewelry is an integral part of the wedding day. Traditional Indian bridal jewelry consists of a complete set of jewelry to beautify each part of the bride’s body.

Only Gold

  • Fake or imitation jewelry may suffice for other occasions, but when it comes to weddings and jewelry for the Indian bride, only gold jewelry will do. Almost every middle- and high-class Indian family spends a considerable amount of money on bridal jewelry. Those who cannot afford expensive jewelry make do with a few basic pieces for the bride — a gold ring, necklace and bracelets. Different stones like diamond, pearl, jade, amethyst, emerald and the like may embellish intricately designed gold jewelry for brides from wealthier families.

Head to Toe

  • It is common for Indian brides to be covered in jewelry from head to toe. Brides from rich families may wear a tiara made of gold. However, the most popular piece of jewelry that adorns the head of an Indian bride is a golden pendant hanging from a golden string. The string is placed on the part of the hair of the bride. Some brides also adorn their back of their hair with golden clips.

Face and Neck

  • A golden nose stud is a must-have for Indian brides. A golden string may attach the nose stud to the back of the ears. Gold earrings also are chosen for the bride. The bride and her family members often spend hours selecting the right gold necklace and earrings, and jewelers get ready for the wedding season with a mind-boggling array of earrings and necklaces.


  • Armlets, bracelets and finger rings beautify the arms and hands of an Indian bride. Armlets may be worn on one or both arms, but gold bracelets have to be worn on both hands along with bangles. A bride may wear one or 10 finger rings, depending on her financial status. Gold strings may connect the bracelets and the finger rings.

Waist and Legs

  • A waist band is an ornament worn by brides belonging to rich families. The weight of a waist band may vary from a few grams to more than 2 pounds. Toe rings and anklets complete the traditional Indian bridal jewelry set. The anklets make a soft jingling noise when the bride walks.

The All-Important Necklace

  • The most important piece of bridal jewelry is the necklace that the bridegroom ties around the bride’s neck during the marriage ritual. This is known as the mangalsutra; it is made of gold and contains black beads to ward off evil eye. A wedding is assumed to be solemnized when the groom ties the necklace around the neck of the bride.

How to Claim a Lost Wedding Ring

A lost wedding ring may be covered under a homeowners policy.

It has been on your finger for years, then all of a sudden it’s gone. Depending on your homeowners insurance, it may be beneficial to file a claim for your lost wedding ring. The amount you receive will depend on the terms of your policy and the policy limits. Other factors include whether your policy contains a separate jewelry rider and offers replacement value. Replacement value yields a higher amount as it is based on today’s pricing rather than the price from years ago when the item was purchased.


  1. Find your homeowners insurance policy. Read the coverage amounts for personal property claims and jewelry. Look for the agent’s phone number.
  2. Call the insurance agent. Explain that you want to file a claim for a lost wedding ring. Ask whether a written request is necessary and what documentation he needs.
  3. Contact the jewelry store where the ring was purchased. Explain that you lost your wedding ring and would like a replacement. Request the fax number and fax a photograph of the ring to the jeweler. Request a written estimate of the replacement cost of the ring for the insurance claim.
  4. Prepare your documentation for the insurance claim. Copy the initial receipt and recent appraisals. Blow up pictures that show the details on the ring. Complete the claim form, if one was sent, and include the date of purchase, type of jewels, number of jewels and initial cost and replacement cost of the ring. Include the jeweler’s written estimate in the packet.
  5. Send the packet to the agent and the insurance adjuster on the case. Call the agent and adjuster if you have not received a call within the week. Ask him if the packet has been received and whether other documentation is required for the claim.
  6. Find out how long it will take to process the claim. Mark the date on your calendar. Contact the adjuster if there has been no correspondence or phone call about the claim.
  7. Discuss the claim with the adjuster when he does call you. Listen to the amount quoted for the wedding ring. Accept the amount if it will cover the cost of the ring or is the policy limit.
  8. Negotiate the replacement value of the ring if all the adjuster offers is the initial value. Remind the adjuster of the estimate and the cost to make the ring. Explain the importance of having the same ring, stating that you were under the impression the ring would be replaced. Negotiate up until you reach an offer that is acceptable to you, then take it.
  9. Sign the release of claim documents the adjuster sends to your home. Return the document by mail. Cash the check.

The Pros & Cons of Titanium Rings

Titanium is similar to white gold in appearance.
If you are looking for an inexpensive alternative to the gold rings that are traditional for weddings and special occasions, titanium might provide a solution. Similar in appearance to white gold, this sturdy metal can stand in for its more expensive cousins. Titanium is already in use by jewelers, so you should have no trouble finding styles that suit your needs. As with all things, titanium jewelry offers both advantages and disadvantages you should be aware of before you buy.

What Is Titanium?

  • Titanium is an abundant metallic element that is used to make jewelry, golf clubs, watches and even aircraft. It was discovered in the late 18th century and was named after the Titans, mythical Greek giants who ruled the earth and personified different forces of nature. Titanium is one of the transitional elements on the periodic table of elements and is found in many forms.


  • Titanium is lightweight, which makes the ring comfortable and easy to wear. It is a strong and resistant metal. It is much less expensive than other ring materials, such as gold or platinum, yet it is attractive enough for use as wedding jewelry. Titanium is hypoallergenic, so it is perfect for anyone with metal allergies. Unlike white gold, titanium can be left as is and will continue to look great over the years, instead of needing the occasional recoating that white gold needs. Also, titanium can be colored into a wide variety of colors.


  • Titanium cannot be made into a ring with a prong setting, so it can’t be used for a traditional-looking engagement ring unless the prong setting is made of a different metal and riveted onto the titanium. People can avoid this by having only the groom’s wedding band made out of titanium and using a different material for the bride’s set. Another disadvantage is that titanium rings can be difficult to fit. Titanium cannot be soldered, so if your ring is too large, it cannot be made smaller. If you need it made larger, the only option is to remove the material from the inner part of the band to make it slightly bigger.

Other Considerations

  • While titanium is surprisingly strong for how lightweight it is, it can still show signs of scratching and other wear. Titanium can usually be polished by a jeweler. If you want a colored titanium ring, consider that the color can wear and may need to be reapplied periodically.

Potential for You

  • Whether a titanium ring is right for you depends on what you want. If you want a diamond engagement ring that matches the wedding band and that can be resized easily in the future, then a titanium ring is probably not right for you. However, if you’re looking for a ring that is lightweight, attractive and relatively inexpensive, it may be just right.

How to Rent Expensive Jewelry From Hollywood

How to Rent Expensive Jewelry From Hollywood

So you didn’t win an Oscar. There is no reason that because you are not a celebrity you can’t dress like one, including the fabulous jewelry. Follow these steps to learn how to rent expensive jewelry from Hollywood.


  1. Inquire at a local jeweler in Hollywood about pieces that they may have available for rental purposes. Many jewelers may want you to have an existing relationship with them and this is how celebrities get jewelry loaned to them because they have a relationship with the retailer. Try Melrose Jewelers on Santa Monica Boulevard as they are one of the finest jewelers in the city, or the most well-known of all jewelers, Harry Winston. Harry Winston is famous for loaning jewelry to Hollywood celebrities. You can call the jeweler and describe exactly what you are looking for.
  2. If you are not local or living in Hollywood, then rent from jewelry rental companies online for the finest jewelry that Hollywood has to offer. There are several online companies that rent jewelry and the process is the same as in person, plus they are still based in Hollywood. These will offer jewelry that possibly was loaned to celebrities.
  3. Place a deposit down for your chosen pieces of jewelry whether you are in the actual store or online. The going rate is around 25 percent of the rental price as you reserve the jewelry. The jewelry will then be shipped to you or delivered via courier (if you are in the local Hollywood area) within a few days of the event. Depending on the retailer, approximately 5 to 10 percent of the actual retail value will be held on your credit card as a temporary deposit. The hold will then be released once the jewelry is returned.
  4. Take out a short-term insurance policy if necessary. This is in the case of extremely expensive jewelry that you could in no way afford to replace. Make sure that anything you rent is insured for full replacement value and with a low or no deductible. This protects you and the jeweler.
  5. Return the jewelry promptly after your event. Most places provide a self-addressed, insured package that can be picked up by the shipper at your convenience. Always use the package given to you to protect the item and for easy return tracking.

How to Create New Jewelry From an Old Wedding Ring

Jewelry is always an accessory that can enhance any outfit and express how you feel. Sometimes old pieces of jewelry can be recreated for a whole new look.


  1. Ask yourself what kind of jewelry you want to make from the ring. Maybe you would like to make another ring. If not, you may consider a pendant or even earrings. Decide on what you really want to make with the stones you have. Then decide on a price range for this project.
  2. Look at jewelry catalogs or websites to get ideas of what kind of style you like. Do you like more classic pieces? Something with an antique feel? Or do you want to create a more modern piece? Collect pictures of pieces you like.
  3. Take the ring and the pictures you acquired to a reputable jeweler, preferably one you have used in the past. Consult with the jeweler and see what fresh ideas they can give you as well.
  4. Speak your mind. Make sure the jeweler understands what your concept is for the piece.